The Labyrinth Corporate Team Challenge


Is your business up for a challenge ?

This is the ultimate team building experience, enter a team of 4 (male, female or mixed ) into the Labyrinth Corporate Team Challenge and be in to win a $5000 digital media package.

What do you win?
1. Winners Trophy
2. Entertainment and Communication Channel Package for Employees and Customers – Prize Value of $5,000.
Labyrinth’s Entertainment and Communication Channel Package prize will help the Corporate Team Challenge winners engage and communicate Employees, Customer, Suppliers and all visitors to your offices, factory or showroom!

  • Software, Design and setup of 3 informative slides designed for your company.
  •  12 month subscription of 15+ entertainment slides from our library.
  •  Media player hardware (excludes screen)

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Digital Corporate Communication Channel

LABYRINTH CORPORATE TEAMS CHALLENGE $220 – Price includes event t-shirts*  Team Entry Form


  • Stage 1 – 10km Forest Run 
  • Stage 2 – 30 km Road Bike
  • Stage 3 – 25 km Mountain Bike ( gravel road )
  • Stage 4 – 8 km Paddle and Run to Finish

Please note this challenge is designed to encourage your workmates to get involved. If you would like to enter a team of 2 or 3 then please enter the age group categories – you can still promote your company name.

Any questions please call Rob on 021 925 489 or email [email protected]