The Rodney Coast Challenge (RCC) is a yearly event run by the Kaukapakapa Scout Group as a fund raiser

The main beneficiary is the Kaukapakapa Scout Group which consists of a Kea Scout Club, a Cub Scout Pack, and a Scout Troop

They have a long history in the community, with many leaders being second generation Scouts

Every Kea, Cub, Scout, and parent helps run the RCC event to ensure that it is a yearly success

The Kaukapakapa Scout Group is part of Scouts Aotearoa, New Zealand’s leading youth organisation, serving over 13,000 young people all across New Zealand, and part of the world’s largest non-formal education institution

What is the purpose of Scouts

Empowering youth to gain confidence, take ownership of their adventures, and be the best versions of themselves

Adventurous experiences that encourage young people to push their comfort zones, experience new things, and interact with the world around them

Making a positive difference in our communities; this includes at a personal, local, national, and global level